Famous Self Portraits

Even then, self-portraits were increasingly popular. This holds true especially during the Middle Ages and Renaissance were most famous self portraits were created by masters. Usually, the popular self portraits are paintings or sculptures. One famous self portrait to whom this art’s history and beginning is attributed to is Jean Fouquet, a painting identified in copper. Self portraits of famous people are also much present during these periods. Francis Bacon, for one, created a self portrait in vivid colors.

Famous self portraits became such because of certain themes they celebrate – generally inclined to distinction, feminism, liberalism, and democracy. Famous nude self portraits, for example, celebrate feminism. A famous personality ascribe to this is Paula Modersohn Becker.

Famous personalities’ self portraits differ in style and in form as some famous personalities’ self portraits are in the form of satirical charcoal painting. Some famous personalities choose diverse media like photography, clay, etc.

Jean Fouquet Self Portrait   Self Portrait of Paula Modersohn Becker
Self portrait of Jean Fouquet   Self portrait of Paula Modersohn Becker

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